Jill Hillman

English painter & maker
MA Fine Art

Book Works

Wiltshire Landscape book work
Wiltshire landscape paintings in print by Jill Hillman
Accordian books. prints
Wiltshire landscape prints
Image description
Motifs of Wiltshire Landscape

On landscape - music

Handmade unique book, burnt orange book cloth

A re-configured book using 'The Language of Music'. This book work intentionally plays with the wordiness of musical language and the authors' perception of the painted images

Wiltshire LandEscape, Journey Six

100 copies, printed and bound by Cpod, Cromwell Press

I am concerned with the idea of visiting the countryside, the outdoors as a way of improving my spirit and state of mind - a relaxation. The natural environment which is filled with shapes, colours and patterns helps me to focus on something in such a way that it appears to produce a range of positive benefits. As outlined in Wiltshire LandEscape journey six [2009] I have begun to examine what these benefits might be

Wiltshire Landscape

Accordian Books

Handmade books,
grey book cloth

Books 6-12 re-visit the journeys in 2009 /2010

 Trowbridge to Waterloo
A unique bookwork 
documenting the route from Trowbridge Station - a concertina book of ad hoc line drawings made on the train and later painted using textual prompts and memory.
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Tollard Royal
A unique bookwork exploring the possibility of documenting the route by car - more ad hoc line drawings


Handmade booklet, black book cloth

A collection of motifs derived from my MA Research at the University of the
West of England