Jill Hillman

English painter & maker
MA Fine Art

Unique Book Works

Wiltshire Landscape book work
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The Regenerator project at the University of the West of England - Landscape Music.
In the permanent collection

Wiltshire landscape paintings in print by Jill Hillman
Brownsea Island
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Accordian books. prints

the Bulb Fields

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Wiltshire landscape prints

Trowbridge to Waterloo

Books 1-5 document the route from Trowbridge Station - concertina books of ad hoc line drawings made on the train and later painted using textual prompts and memory.

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Tollard Royal
This explored the possibility of documenting the route by car, whilst moving - more ad hoc line drawings.

Motifs of Wiltshire Landscape
The year of the mist in August
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