Jill Hillman

English painter & maker
MA Fine Art


Wiltshire Landscape, Assemblage in wood by Jill Hillman
Assemblage in wood by Jill Hillman
Landscape Assemblage

The assemblage uses horizontal motifs inspired by the bands of colours seen on the Wiltshire landscape and makes use of both found and kindling wood. As the passage of time through human intervention has shaped the landscape, so has the kindling wood been shaped. The act of shaping it was twofold - a process of removing the splintered pieces to rekindle the wood as something of beauty - a healing act. Secondly, the wood is presented as an offering - to restore its place and value as an element of the landscape.
Unity & Regeneration

The assemblage takes its place within a hearth space.

In the early stages of new works, ideas arise. They need the right fuel and encouragement for them to develop - as a small fire needs kindling, so do new ideas.

The black base signifies a solid foundation - the shavings serve as a reflection of the kindling wood and its tentative nature - to the ideas which might alight, burn out or never catch on; the sand a reflection of the possibilities of ideas being extinguished. Twelve pieces of kindling wood represent the months of the year - the time it might take for an idea to sustain growth.
Work first shown at: Gallery 204, Bristol in a group exhibition "Here-Today-Gone-Tomorrow" January 2009