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MA Fine Art

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Regenerator 11 project - On Landscape unique book work Jill Hillman


The University of the West of England

Regenerator 11: Altered Books Project


Permanent Collection in Bower Ashton Library.


On Landscape.

A book reflecting the diversity of the Wiltshire Landscape

Formerly Scott's Prose, a chapter reviewed the circumstances on landscape in 1836 and a few words remain, partially hidden here and there like a journey taken along country lanes the viewer is teased by partial views of lesser known places in Wiltshire.




International Salon,

Leer, Germany 2013

The Landscape Theatre - a series of five works inspired by the light trails viewed from the roadways through the Wiltshire landscape.

 Mixed media 100cms x 70cms

wiltshire landscape by jill hillman
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No current exhibitions this Autumn 2018.

If you would like to make a studio appointment, please ring me on 01225 781 843 or use the contact form.

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(Art Cards, Editions & Originals)


73 Fine Art Prints of locations throughout Wiltshire - miniature prints which are for albums, gifts or framing.


These are available at £3 each plus £1.50 p&p


Please view the portfolio pages of this site for all images.  


Please contact me for information on original paintings and full size prints which are 12.5cms x 17.5cms


FAIRY TALES  Jill Hillman

Black Ratty loved egg for his tea

with soldiers, all smothered with ghee

With a pint of best bitter

the bake-off he'd twitter

then eat sandwiches stuffed full of brie

Current Project 

Visual Limericks

A series of works made through random lines and nonsensical rhymes.

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Harriet Parriot loved her new zip

with fashion she adored to be hip,

but other birds were so jealous

of her grooming so zealous

she left for a round the world trip...